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7001DX Sound System 2-1.5"
ShockWave2-System 2 x 1.4 Exciters. This top-of-the-line pre-wired sound system contains everything you need to easily install superb sound in your larger airplanes. You will just need to provide and solder battery connectors of your choice. The 6ft of red/black twisted wire will comprise 2ft (600mm) for each loudspeaker and 2ft (600mm) for the battery connections with the power switch wired in the middle. Voltage : 4.5 - 26Volts, 2Amps maximum. Power Output : 40 Watts at 26Volts Contents : 1 x ShockWave2 Sound Module 1 x Preloaded micro-SD Card 2 x 2 inch 10Watt 4Ohm Loudspeakers 2 x Male-Male Servo Leads for one throttle and one gun sound input. 6ft x Twisted red/black 22AWG wire Weight : 365 grams (13oz)
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