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SIGFR002 SIG Finishing Resin QT
SIG Finishing Resin QT A brush-on surfacing resin for sealing balsa and creating a glass-smooth durable base for epoxy or enamel paint. It has a thinner viscosity than regular Sig Glass Resin for maximum penetration into the wood. Simply brush Finishing Resin onto the bare balsa. Before the resin cures, squeegee off any excess resin with a plastic epoxy spreader or ordinary stiff playing card. Wipe off any runs or drips with a paper towel. Finishing Resin also works great for fuel-proofing engine compartments. Because of its thin viscosity, Finishing Resin is not recommended for molding fiberglass parts - use Sig Polyester Glass Resin instead. Finishing Resin must be chemically activated with "hardener" in order to cure. It absolutely will not dry unless hardener is added! Because the amount of hardener required can vary slightly depending on the curing time desired, we feel it is a better value to buy the resin and hardener separately. Sig Resin Hardener for this product is PN# SIGGC002 1oz Hardener

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