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Celllog8s Battery logger/tester
CellLog 8S battery tester maintains accurate monitoring and measurement of your battery's voltage with this small but accurate tool. The simple, easy to use interface on the CellLog's backlit LCD screen lets you view individual cell voltages to a precision of three decimal places. Specifications LiPo/LiIo/LiFe: 2-8 series Pack Voltage Range: 4.0-4.3V Alarm Pack Voltage Range: 0.1-4.3V Cell Voltage Range: 1.3-4.9V Alarm Cell Voltage Range: 1.3-4.9V Voltage Display Resolution: 1mV Current Loading of Test: 8mA Maximum Voltage for Alarm Port: 50V Current Drain for Alarm Port: <500mA Weight: 18g Dimensions (LxWxD): 62x39x12 mm
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