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07762 Bat Balancer/Dicharger
3 in 1 Battery Charger Tester Balancer Screen type : 2.6? LCD screen Voltage: 7.4V~22.2V (Please use voltage divide port) Receiver battery: 1.2V~8.5V DC Balance voltage setting: 2.0-3.9V(3.3V default) Discharge voltage setting range: 3.0-4.2V (3.9V default) Discharging Current (4.0V/Cell): Approx 450mA Supports battery pack with JST / RX connector Discharge power: 50W Size : 93.5 x 60 x 17 mm Weight : 20g Usage:Compatible with Li-Po/Li-Fe 2~6 cell battery or Receiver Battery Features: 3 in 1 Measure battery voltage, balance cell voltage in battery pack & discharge functions. Package Included: 1 x AOK Battery balancer 1 x External Discharge Module 1 x 12v 50W bulbs
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