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DY37609 B-26 Marauder 1500 PNP
The Martin B-26 Marauder was one of the most successful Allied bombers of World War II. After a challenging introduction, the B-26 eventually became beloved for its exceptional durability and excellent medium bomber capabilities. Nicknamed the ?Flying Torpedo?, the B-26 Marauder ended the war with the lowest combat loss rate of any American aircraft, bringing thousands of aviators safely home. Dynam?s 1500mm wingspan B-26 Marauder brings the familiar scale outline of this iconic aircraft to the skies again! The aircraft is Dynam?s most ambitious warbird to date, introducing redesigned tricycle retracts for improved reliability and all new counter rotating propellers for scale appearance. To maximize convenient assembly and transport, the B-26?s outer wings can be detached from the engine nacelles, or the entire wing can be removed as one single piece. Major assembly of the aircraft is completed with only ten screws! For a large aircraft its size, the Dynam B-26 can be made very portable to fit in a small car?s trunk in under three minutes. Dynam aircraft make excellent cost effective platforms for personalization and detailing, and this B-26 continues that tradition. The upper turret can swivel freely, and the canopy and nose covers are easily removed for detailing inside by ambitious modelers. There is even space in the belly if pilots want to add their own bomb bay door. With Dynam and your imagination, you can operate a truly special model aircraft you can be proud of! What are included: Dynam B-26 Marauder airplane, motors, ESCs, 7*9g servos, 17g*2 servos What are required: 6-Channel or above transmitter 6-Channel receiver 14.8v 4000mAh 25C battery and charger 1 hour assembly time Specifications: Material: EPO Foam Wing Span: 1500mm(59in) Flying Weight: 2350g Wing Loading: 74.8g/dm? Fuselage Length: 1126mm(44.3in) Center of Gravity: N/A Motor: BM3512A-KV650*2pcs ESC: 40A ESC with 3A BEC*2pcs Propeller: 10.5*8 four-blade*2 Servo: 9g*7pcs, 17g*2pcs Elevator: Yes Rudder: Yes Ailerons: Yes Flaps: Yes Landing Gear: E retract
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