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DY36886 Messerschmitt ME-262
he Messerschmitt ME-262 was developed by the Germans during the latter part of WWII. It was the first operational jet fighter in the world. Dynam replicates the full size to bring you a scale EPO foam recreation of the ME-262. Twin 70mm ducted fans supported by twin Skylord speed controllers easily propel this jet to adrenaline pumping speeds. Even better is that only a single 14.8v 4000mAh battery is required to support this monster of a power plant. The steerable nose wheel and worm drive retracts allow the landing gears to retract slowly providing that touch of realism. The control horns, ducted fans, and servos are pre-installed which makes the plane simple and quick to build. What are included: Dynam ME-262 airplane, motor, ESC, 5*9g servos, MSR66A Sport Receiver What are required: 6 Channel or above transmitter 14.8V 4000mAh 25C battery and charger 1 hour assembly time Specifications: Material: EPO Foam Wing Span: 1500mm (59in) Flying Weight: 2400g (84.7oz) Wing Loading: 64.2g/dm2 Fuselage Length: 1284mm (50.6in) Center of Gravity: 115 - 120mm from the leading edge at the wing root Motor: Detrum BM2826D-KV3500 ESC: TC Skylord 60A ESC Propeller: 70mm EDF Servo: 5x 9g Elevator: Yes Rudder: Yes Ailerons: Yes Flaps: No Landing Gear: E retract
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